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Ahhh my aching back! We all know someone with back pain or we have probably experienced it ourselves at some point. The statistics on low back pain are shocking with it affecting a whopping 40% of the population and costing about £5 billion (or £200 for every employee) in sickness absence costs according to the Clinical Standards Advisory Group.

A lot of the time when clients come to see me for a massage treatment they point to an area and say – the pain is here this is where the problem is. But in fact it’s very rarely the cause of the problem, it just happens to be where the problem is manifesting itself.

Pain in the low back can come from trigger points (contraction “knots” in soft tissue) in unusual places such as the buttocks, stomach muscles or even the calves!

This is why when you come for treatment I won’t just work on your lower back, I’ll also be investigating other areas, muscles, trigger points etc above and below the lower back to get to the root cause of the problem. Treating the symptoms will work to a degree but we really need to work on finding and treating the cause to prevent the pain from persisting.

Here are some common lower back pain complaints – which one are you?

  • I’ve got lower back pain and get pain/ tingling down my legs I think it’s sciatica.
  • I get lower back pain after sitting at my desk/ driving all day.
  • I have lower back pain from being on my feet all day.
  • My lower back pain is just because I’m getting old, I’ve probably got osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • I’ve had lower back pain since having children.
  • I get lower back pain at night or after waking in the morning.

A big factor in most cases of back pain is soft tissue damage. The muscles, ligaments and fascia can be affected by things such as injury or trauma, repetitive misuse or poor posture. As these more subtle “soft tissue issues” cannot be diagnosed via X rays or MRI’s they often escape the medics’ attention leading to unnecessary long-standing pain that can in most cases easily be resolved with Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques.

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