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There are a number of reasons that clients come to me for massage, but this particular client Louise, came to me suffering with lower back pain.

Louise had tried many treatments for her back pain but nothing really seemed to ‘hit the spot’, she was down and feeling low because she was in constant pain. It was stopping her from doing her much-loved exercise, day to day tasks were difficult, she couldn’t walk her dogs for as long as she would like. Louise is quite the outdoorsy person, so this was really affecting her mental health as well as the physical.

Louise first came to see me for my Signature Treatment, a 75minute top to toe relaxing massage, it was clear from that first treatment Louise had a lot more going on! We spoke about her pain and how it was affecting her, she straight away booked in for a course of treatments. At her first session we completed a Range of Motion (ROM) assessment to assess the level of movement she had or rather didn’t have – this is someone in their early thirties who by her own admission felt like an old lady.

I put together a treatment plan and we worked through it, Louise found it quite hard to relax to start with, something that is very common when someone has been in pain for a long time, the muscles go into protection mode and it can be really hard to allow ourselves consciously and sub-consciously to relax. She chose her own music and we chatted at times, anything that can help to put someone at ease – although I draw the line at whale music!

I have to say Louise was a very good client and followed her homecare without nagging and it paid off. Yes, I will nag you to do your homecare if needed, I will never just hand you an exercise sheet and send you on your way, I’m here to support you on your journey to a pain free life.  

As the sessions went on Louise found it easier to relax each time, she was getting on with her homecare, getting back to moving more, experiencing less pain and she was happier. I will never forget the first day Louise walked into the treatment room and when I asked how she was she said ‘good’ with a smile on her face! Louise’s journey was such a transformation and seeing how down she was at the start to her coming in with a smile on her face, no longer feeling like that old lady, getting back to exercise, being able to go camping and enjoying life again is why I do what I do – to make a difference to people’s lives.

It’s all about getting you out of pain and being able to live life as normal.

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