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Memberships Explained

Are you ready to invest in your skin for the long term?

Then a membership is probably the best way forward, a membership means you’ll never run out of skincare products, have access to your skincare expert, stay on top of your skincare routine and be more likely to achieve your desired results.

It’s not like a gym membership where you can keep paying without going and getting the results, you’ll have me on hand throughout the membership for support and to keep you accountable. You will have your own personalised plan and we will have regular check in’s to make sure you, your skin and bank account are happy. Not to mention you’ll receive some great additional benefits!

Why join a membership?

If you’re serious about improving or changing your skin for the better, then a membership is a great way to go. You’ll have a personalised skincare plan, a routine and your products ready and waiting for you so you never run out. Not only will you receive all the products you need it also removes all temptation to try new fad products, pick up something cheap & easy while you’re out or waste money on other skincare ‘stuff’.

With regular appointments and check-ins, skincare memberships can help maintain a consistent skincare routine, leading to better overall skin health.

Depending on the level of the membership you’ll also get a treatment plan along side your homecare plan, plus an array of additional benefits.

Who is it for?

Memberships are ideal for those who want to commit to changing their skin, create good skin habits, stick to a skincare routine and see an improvement in their skin.

Perhaps you had acne as a teen and want to tackle pigmentation and scarring – membership is for you.

Maybe you are currently suffering with acne and want to reduce breakouts, inflammation, redness and generally improve the appearance of your skin – there’s a membership for you.

Are you fed up with trying to cover up irregular pigmentation patches and sun damage and wish you could have a more even complexion? There’s a membership for that.

Do you want your skin to look brighter, healthier, plump and hydrated? Perhaps the menopause is/has affected your skin. Would you like to reduce lines and wrinkles but you don’t want to go down the route of injectables? There’s a membership for you too.

Is your skin red, inflamed, sensitive – do you struggle to find skincare that you can actually use without making your skin worse? Membership can help.

What do you get?

As a standard you will receive a full skincare consultation and skin analysis, a six monthly review and be the first to see new products and offers. You will also have access to professional advice and support for everything skin related from product selection, treatment options and skincare concerns.

You will have the convenience of being able to order your products and collect them as soon as the next day or even have them delivered to your door! Appointments and check ins can be booked online and check ins can even be done virtually if needed – so you don’t even need to leave home.

Affordable monthly payments with the option to pay as much as you like or nothing at all up front.

Each membership varies in what it offers –

CORE – Homecare Plan

The CORE membership is everything you need to get started on your skincare journey, it includes your Core Phase 1 & 2 products, an introductory treatment to get you started, a discount on the Thermal Detox Peel and a discount on any additional skincare products – if you want to try a mask or add in a skin booster for example.

ADVANCED – Homecare & Treatment Plan

The ADVANCED offers everything in the CORE membership plus up to 16 tailored treatments spread across the year. This means we can really focus on your concerns and the needs of your skin working towards your skin goals by combining a number of treatments and procedures. The ADVANCED membership will keep you committed to achieving your desired outcome, through a homecare routine, treatment plan and the ongoing support from me, your skin specialist.

You also get the extra benefit of adding on a complimentary Add On to your treatments four times a year.

COMPLETE – Transformation Package.

Only for those who are serious about results!

To enrol onto the COMPLETE membership you will be required to fill out a questionnaire to ensure you have the commitment needed for this level of transformation. This is the most results driven membership and will take time and commitment from those enrolling. It is the most exclusive membership and the number of people on the COMPLETE plan will be limited.

The COMPLETE membership gives you everything you need to reach your skin transformation goals.

Again you will receive everything in the CORE membership as well as any Skin Boosters or Additives needed. You will have a detailed skincare programme combining homecare and professional treatments. The treatments you receive will be completely tailored to you and your skin. You will also have the luxury of enjoying a complimentary 30minute Massage each month.

Ready to join?

Book your Skincare Consultation today and find the right Membership for you!

Memberships are paid monthly by direct debit or can be paid in full.

Treatment results will be dependent on the client following homecare, skin type, end goal and course agreed with the Therapist.

The total amount paid over 12 months is calculated at the cost of the normal schedule of the use of the 7 core products.

Payments will be reviewed every 6 months and will be compared to the value of the products taken/used and adjusted if necessary.

30 days notice must be given in writing to end the payment plan, and any outstanding balance for products taken must be paid.

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