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Why Advanced Clinical Massage?

Since training in Holistic Massage back in 2010 I’ve always loved it. I love the benefits of massage, the benefit of touch, being able to help people relax, knowing that people feel comfortable to relax in my presence, making people fall asleep and snore! But I always felt like I could do more, and my Foundation ACMT certification has enabled me to do that by working with clients suffering with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, long covid, migraines and so much more.

Doing the full ACMT course will enable me to deepen my knowledge, learn more skills and techniques, give me a greater understanding of chronic pain conditions and how to best treat them. 

When I first joined Jing Massage back in 2020 on the then titled Online Self-Care for Massage Therapists course – all about how to take your massage business online and still treat your clients, I completely fell in love with the way in which they approach body work and how they do it. Jing had been on my training bucket list for some time, and this was a perfect start!

Post covid the course developed into JAMMM (Jing Advanced Massage Mentoring Membership) and has provided numerous training sessions. Some with principals Rachel & Meghan and many other industry experts, anatomy sessions, case discussions, CPD courses, a self-care library was created (which I was a large part of), specific training on Long Covid, along with business related sessions and ongoing course content on top of it all! Then in 2021 I was finally able to head to Jing HQ and get hands on with training and complete my Foundation Advanced Clinical Massage course.

The Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage is a unique outcome based system for addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain through a tried and tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques.

Effective with most types of chronic musculoskeletal pain including; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, migraines, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, knee pain, ligament and tendon issues. As well as systemic conditions like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

When I signed up to the initial online course I thought I’ll do it all in a few months and cancel my subscription, not a chance! I don’t see me ever cancelling this subscription, it’s a constant learning journey and I absolutely love it. The more I learn the more I can support my clients and at the end of the day that’s what my job is about – helping people.

Ready to join my case study?

Pay in full – https://bit.ly/3GXa1Jr

Instalments – https://bit.ly/47O20lR

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